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Professional Answering Service was founded in 1972 and is headquartered in Rialto, California. We started out as a local answering service. In the past decades, with the improved features provided by the telecommunications industry, we have been able to expand our reach. We now service clients throughout the contiguous United States. We have served thousands of businesses in the past 40 years, from companies large to small. What started as a small answering service offering basic message taking and dispatching has grown into a multi-location call center offering advanced services to meet any business need. One of the keys to our growth and success is our personnel.


Our operators are highly trained individuals with an ability to function in varying business environments in a professional manner. They are our backbone. We do our best to treat them that way by offering competitive wages, a bonus structure, medical benefits and operator appreciation events. Another way we support them is by providing them with the best equipment and software available.

Our equipment and software is a core component of our business. We are constantly investing in new technology and training. The ability to offer a variety of services is important to our growth and longevity. When we have a client call us with a request, we want to be able to accommodate them. So we go out of our way to invest in and maintain these systems. We also invest heavily in our backup systems, as a call center we have to be available on a 24/7 basis, especially when disasters or outages strike. All of these items we have discussed are designed to help us accomplish our mission.



Our mission is two-fold: We want to meet and exceed the needs of our clients in the most professional and efficient way possible. We also want to provide stable employment and an enjoyable work atmosphere to our operators and staff who make our business possible. We feel that our success is yours, and yours is ours. Every day is dedicated to accomplishing this mission.

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