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Many of our competitors have a variety of fees and additional charges that drive up the cost of starting a new service. Currently, we are offering minimal start up costs with some of the more basic services, such as texting and emailing, included. The only time we require a setup fee is for complex accounts or order entry where there is going to be more than just a couple of hours of programming to set everything up, if that’s the case the setup fees are based on what the estimated work load is going to be. That is something that is discussed with the client before we finalize a contract. Basically for everyone else, if it’s not a complex account, your only startup cost will be your first month’s payment.


Once you are past the signing up stage, setting up your account in most cases takes no more than one business day. We have over 40 years of experience and in that time we have worked with thousands of companies in different industries. This has allowed us to create basic templates for industry types that are then further customized to fit our client’s needs.


If we are dealing with property management, say an apartment complex for example, we are going to send them questions like: “do you do lockouts after hours?” or “What do you want us to do regarding noise complaints?” If we are sending this out to an attorney’s office, our questions would be more along the lines of: “Do you want new client calls?” or “Do you accept collect calls?”


For a medical account some sample questions are: “Do you take prescription refills after hours?” or “Do you want existing patients only after hours?” So we have set specific questionnaires to each industry that is based on our experience in handling their calls.

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