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A pre-screen recording is a customized recording that a caller would hear before they speak to an operator. This recording is a money-saving option for screening out routine calls. If you have an office that closes at 5pm, chances are there are a few calls that come in shortly after 5 where the caller was just hoping that your office was still open. If they realize the office is closed, they will call back during office hours.


The recording can inform them of that fact, and also provide them with other useful information. It can then give callers with an emergency the option to speak directly to an operator. If the caller decides, based on the information provided in the recording, to hang up and call back the next business day and not speak with an operator, you are not charged for the call.This has been extremely useful for medical offices and property management companies, and in some cases we have found that it has cut the call volume by 60%. Though I cite these two examples, it is not limited to those industries. We have companies in many different industries making effective use of the prescreen option.


When deciding to use the pre-screen, it is important to consider two items:

  • You want to be able to answer all of your callers, and do so in a professional manner.

  • You want to accomplish this in the most fiscally responsible manner possible.


The pre-screen allows you to provide a professional image to your callers on a 24/7 basis while allowing you to be cost efficient at the same time.


We have over 40 years of experience answering for many companies in varying industries. This has allowed us to create some easily customizable templates for the Prescreen Scripts.


When we sign a new account with a pre-screen, we fill out the template and then send it to the client who is then able to further customize the script to suit their needs.

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