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When clients call in to your office, they are interested in getting information. We work with you to ensure that patients get the information and guidance they need. Our staff is trained to calm your clients, guide them through providing their details and send them or their message to the proper recipient. You can focus on assisting your patients with their medical concerns. We’ll assist you with your patients’ phone calls.

Medical offices often have specific needs for their answering service. You may need greater support in winter, during the tourist season, or only around the 4th of July. Our plans are all flexible enough to meet your requirements. We base our services around the calendar months, and establish a plan from month to month. Working from month to month gives you the flexibility to alter your service as necessary.

We set up the call and message dispatch instructions in a way that works best for each individual. We fully customize the instructions for each office and for each doctor. If you have one doctor or 20 on call, we will reach each one in the manner that suits them best. We will never outsource our calls from our call centers in California. Your patient records and interactions will be kept confidential, in-house and secure wherever they call from.


Our answering service is a good value because it keeps the emphasis on you. We charge by calendar month, not every four weeks, so you get the 12 bills you expect in a year. If you are running over your allotted time in your plan, we audit our service before asking you to pay more. If we can work more efficiently to save you money, we will. Most importantly, we save you time by avoiding outages or disconnects. Our service works consistently and well.

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