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As a member of a municipal government, you serve people who are your neighbors, friends and family. They deserve to have the personalized service and warmth that can only come from hearing a human voice when they call in. We started small, so we have the experience to keep smaller scales affordable for even the tightest municipal budgets. Your constituents deserve the best, and Professional Answering Service provides excellent service without costing a fortune.


When the citizens of your town need to reach someone quickly, they won’t stop to consider what time of day it is. Professional Answering Service can help you take these calls 24/7 throughout the year. Your constituents get to speak with someone to relieve their anxiety, and we forward their calls to the correct person to resolve their issue. By focusing on getting calls to the right people, our dispatch service lets you focus on finding proper resolutions.


When natural or man-made disasters occur, a quick response time is crucial. Our overflow services will gather and distribute information, route calls to improve response times and work to keep people calm. Hearing a human voice and knowing that they are trying to help is essential to preventing panic. We make it easier for you to get the information you need to save lives from the people who need help to the emergency responders who are aiding them.


When you set up a government hotline, you will have a specific need for it in mind. Let us help you collect the information you need to make correct choices. If you are looking for citizen reports or complaints, we can help gather that information efficiently. For more serious concerns including tips about fraud or abuse, we provide a confidential answering service that protects those who call. When you set up a hotline, trust Professional Answering Service to keep it working properly.

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