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Our affordable and supportive staff provides excellent customer service for your clients. Each member of our team is highly trained, and will gladly follow any specific instructions you give them. Every part of our service can be personalized to meet your needs. You determine how we answer the phones and what information we collect. We respond to your clients around the clock so that they feel respected and cared for whenever they need your help.


We work with scripts and questions that you provide to make sure you get all the information you need. We make it easy to get specific information from your customers, like their model number or shipping method. Your personally approved script ensures that our operators will collect every piece of information you need to process any order. We guarantee that if we can’t collect a piece of information, we won’t submit the order.


The order entry answering service we provide functions as an extension of your business. We provide all the assistance that we can, but when a customer needs more help, we route them back to you or forward a message. We recognize that you may have unique needs, so we are happy to send your orders and messages to you in your preferred format. You decide if you want us to call, to text, to email or to fax.


We know that your business has unique needs. For instance, as a legal client, you may only wish to take calls from existing clients outside your business hours. You may wish to be notified about calls for the following day immediately, or just in the morning. We can help you by forwarding urgent daytime calls to your cellphone, while sending less urgent messages to your email. Whatever your business, we help you support your clients without causing undue stress or anxiety for you or for them. 

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